About the Author

Radical – if I could find one word to describe what I am, what I aspire to, it would be radical. I live to grasp at the roots of problems, truth, and help expose them for us all.

I try to live a radical honesty that helps others live their own truths. That radical honesty is why I am a precolonial historian. A historians job is to dig out and expose true histories and spread access to them – so people who have long been lied to about who they are can find themselves easier. There is power in remembering and embracing a truth the world has tried to hide. In the spirit of this radical honesty I want to share more of who I am with you, because my context matters to my work.

I look forward to sharing and creating with anyone who cares to engage on these topics and more. I am interested in anything and everything – because that is history: studying everything humanity has experienced in order to build a better future.